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Since 19 February it is no longer possible to use Nexus Personal APP. Finansinspektionen requests that foreign users select SMS as their log-in method. We will be able to use a new APP, One Touch, later. We will provide more information and an instruction manual when One Touch is available.

All of FI's reporting systems (except TRS) will be gradually connected to FI's Reporting Portal.

If this message is shown: "Logon credentials are not accepted", you can either try to wait for an hour and make a new attempt to log on or use "Password self service" to get a new password (See "Forgot your password" just below).

Register for a user account

If you have a Swedish personal ID number, register as a Swedish resident and use Bank-ID or Mobilt Bank-ID. (Please note that the role of "authorised signatory" may be missing until the information is updated from the Swedish Companies Registration Office. This occurs five times a day: 6:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 13:00 PM, 16:00 PM and 19:00 PM. Please wait a while since it may take time to update all information from the Swedish Companies Registration Office.)

Register a user account – Swedish residents

If you are not a Swedish resident, you can log in using SMS:

Register a user account – Foreign residents

Personal information about the rapporteur is saved so FI can verify who is reporting.

New log-in method for periodic reporting replaces reporting card

On 18 August 2020, FI will introduce a new log-in method for periodic reporting filed via an application on the computer and that previously required a card and card reader. The new method requires users to log in using Bank ID.

Read more: New log-in method for periodic reporting replaces reporting card


I am trying to log in, but it keeps bouncing back to the log-in page

You need to create an account before you can log in to our portal. See useful links here: Register for a user account.

I did not receive an SMS code

When accessing the system for the first time, it can take a while to receive the SMS. In some cases, it can take as long as a few hours. Please wait a while, and if you still haven't received the SMS, send us an email at reporting@fi.se describing the problem and the type of report you will be submitting.

How can I reset my password?

To reset your password – see Forgot your password? above. Then try to log in with SMS verification again. Please let us know if you are still not able to log in.

How do I get reporting authorisation?

An authorised signatory of the submitting entity can delegate authorisations to you to use the reporting systems.

I am an authorised signatory of a submitting entity. How can I delegate reporting authorisation?

If you have created a user account in our portal, log in to the portal and choose the role "Business Administrator". Then,

  • Click on "Authorisation Administration".
  • Choose "Manage reporting authorisations".
  • Choose the type of reporting from the drop-down list.
  • Search for the company using either the company ID or the full company name.
  • Double click on the company in the list.
  • Search for the email address of the person to whom you would like to delegate authorisation. Click "Add" and then "Save and close".

I am an authorised signatory of a submitting entity. How can I delegate authorisation if I do not have a user account?

It is not possible to delegate authorisations without a user account. You will need to sign up for an account in our portal. Register the company and add your name as a company representative. You will then be authorised to act as a "Business administrator" for the company. The Business Administrator role enables you to delegate reporting authorisations.

Video guides

Please note that the system interface may have been altered since the videos were made, but the functionality is still the same.

Reporting Portal video guide: Delegate authorisation
Video Guide - Password reset
Video Guide - Register foreign company
Forgot your password?

If you need to change your password or are having trouble accessing the system, please use this service. 

Password self service


Periodic reporting

The web based system for Periodic reporting is accessed through the Reporting Portal. The older system based on an installed application conitnues to use reporting cards.

Read more about periodic reporting

PDMR transactions

Transactions reported in the system will automatically be made public shortly after FI has received the report.

Transactions conducted by persons discharging managerial responsibilities – insider trading

Important! If you do not receive the log-in verification code by SMS, please contact us at reporting@fi.se

Read more

Last reviewed: 2018-05-18
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