The securities markets and their infrastructure are very important. If these markets cease to function, firms will not be able to be able to finance themselves or hedge themselves against financial risks. Here you will find information related to firms within the financial market as well as non-financial corporations and private individual, for example related to prospectuses and insider trading.

Nasdaq Stockholm receives a remark and an administrative fine

Publicerad 2024-06-19

Finansinspektionen has decided to issue Nasdaq Stockholm Aktiebolag a remark and an administrative fine of SEK 100 million.

Stability in the Financial System (2024:1): A slightly better outlook in an uncertain environment

Publicerad 2024-05-27

The outlook for financial stability has improved somewhat, and uncertainty has decreased, but we are still in the middle of a recession. Higher costs…

FI notifies foreign supervisory authorities after complaints about misleading advice

Publicerad 2024-05-13

FI has been receiving complaints from consumers in Sweden about four foreign investment firms. The foreign supervisory authorities who are…

Foto: händer på en kund och enrådgivare

Advisors are not taking customers’ sustainability preferences into account

Publicerad 2024-03-28

Six out of ten say that sustainability is important when saving money. Advisors at banks, investment firms and insurance intermediaries have an…