About FI

FI is a government authority tasked with monitoring the financial market. We promote a stable financial system that contributes to sustainable development and a high level of consumer protection. We publish rules for financial firms and monitor compliance with these rules. We also analyse risks that could lead to instability in the financial system.

Finansinspektionen’s strategy to prevent greenwashing

Publicerad 2022-12-13

FI’s strategy for preventing greenwashing in the financial sector aims to safeguard the trust in sustainable investments and a sustainable finance…

Roadmap for sustainable finance

Publicerad 2022-12-13

In 2019, FI’s overarching mandate was expanded to include a responsibility to ensure that the financial system contributes to sustainable…

Therese Östling Waller new HR director

Publicerad 2022-11-30

Therese Östling Waller is currently the HR manager at SVT. Therese has extensive experience within HR, including from the Swedish Public Employment…

Susanna Grufman takes over as acting director general

Publicerad 2022-11-21

Susanna Grufman has been the deputy director general since March 2020 in addition to her role as executive director for Markets. She will take over…