Now in English: FI's sustainability report 2024

Publicerad 2024-05-20

There is a lot of work left to do before the financial market fully contributes to a sustainable economy. For example, firms need to be better at…

Four reasons not to buy cryptoassets

Publicerad 2024-05-15

Right now, the media is filled with reporting on cryptoassets, and various investment tips are being shared on social media. Even though regulations…

FI notifies foreign supervisory authorities after complaints about misleading advice

Publicerad 2024-05-13

FI has been receiving complaints from consumers in Sweden about four foreign investment firms. The foreign supervisory authorities who are…

Firms continue to offer consumers unsuitable products

Publicerad 2024-05-08

Expensive and complex products are unsuitable for most consumers. Despite this, firms offer such products on a broad front. This is one of the…

Daniel Barr: “We must continue to develop the work to combat money laundering”

Publicerad 2024-05-02

The criminal economy feeds organised crime and introduces major challenges for society. Both firms and authorities therefore need to do more to…

Beatrice Ask new chair of the Board of FI

Publicerad 2024-04-26

Beatrice Ask has joined and will be the chair of FI’s Board of Directors. The appointment runs until 24 April 2027.