FI’s assignment includes a responsibility to ensure that the financial system contributes to sustainable development. We base this sustainability work on FI’s mandate, the regulations governing sustainable finance, and the tools at our disposal as a supervisory authority.

Our supervision priorities for 2024

Publicerad 2024-02-08

Are consumers being offered the right services on the financial market? How is the sector delivering crucial services in an uncertain global…

A strategy to prevent greenwashing

Publicerad 2022-12-13

Finansinspektionen will prevent greenwashing in the financial sector through preventive measures and supervisory activities. Today, in a new report…

Climate-related transition risks must be given priority

Publicerad 2022-04-08

The data and methods available for measuring climate-related transition risks are under development. There is a lot of work going on in this area, in…

Johanna Fager Wettergren: Social factors are important for sustainable investments

Publicerad 2022-03-21

“A lot is about common sense; there isn't time to wait for the perfect solutions. This obviously applies to the climate, but it also clearly applies…