Apply for authorisation

A firm offering financial services to the general public must have authorisation from FI to conduct operations.

As part of the authorisation application process, FI reviews the firm's capital situation, business plan, owners and management. Parts of the firm's daily operations may also require authorisation from FI.

How your application is processed

  • An application becomes a task and is assigned a reference number.
  • An administrator is appointed as responsible for the task and you receive confirmation with a reference number (in writing or verbally) that your application arrived at FI.
  • After the application fee has been paid, the administrator reviews the application to check that it is complete.
  • If anything is missing, FI will request supplementary information. It is also sometimes necessary to gather information from other authorities.
  • Multiple persons at FI with different areas of expertise may be involved in the assessment process.
  • Once the application is complete and of good quality, FI makes a decision in the matter. A copy of the decision is sent to you. All information related to the task is saved and recorded in FI's register.

Sending material to FI

FI's service undertaking

We undertake to process your task within the stated period of time provided that the application is correct and complete and the application fee has been paid.

You are welcome to provide feedback about our service and information. If your task has not be processed within the established period of time, you have the right to an explanation.

If the fees stated here on the website deviate from the fees set out in the Ordinance, the fees in the Ordinance apply.

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About payment procedures

  • FI registers the application, which is assigned a reference number.
  • FI then sends an administrator letter, which specifies the reference number, the applicable fee and instructions for how to pay the fee.

Do not pay any fees until you have received the letter from your administrator and a reference number!

Last reviewed: 2023-03-01