Open data

Under the PSI Directive, public authorities should make their public data accessible for re-use, free of charge or on standardised and generous terms with the aim of greater openness and better service in the public sector.

Large parts of FI's statistics are public and accessible via SCB's Financial Market Statistics and can also be downloaded as open data.

Other parts of our public statistics are available via our website,, for example PDMR Transaction Register (.csv).

The PDMR Transaction Register contains information about the persons discharging managerial responsibilities at listed companies and the holdings that they and their related parties have in shares and other equity-related financial instruments in the company.
FI also has several other registers on its website that have public information. See Our registers.

FI's information may be used free of charge. State the source, FI and date.

FI's data is available at no charge and may be freely processed and re-used without special permission or agreements.

Last reviewed: 2020-01-02