We have compiled information here about the various requirements that are placed on issuers.

Many of the requirements placed concern issuers' provision of information to the public – but they also cover requirements that the issuer take other steps such as keeping insider lists and lists of persons discharging managerial responsibilities within the issuer.

The aim of these regulations is to achieve a high level of transparency in the market, which in turn contributes to a stable financial market with strong protection for investors.

Varying requirements

The requirements vary depending on the issuer. For example, there are differences in terms of which requirements are placed on the issuer depending on whether its securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market (e.g. Nasdaq Stockholm and NGM Main Regulated) or on a multilateral trading facility (MTF) – e.g. Nasdaq First North, Spotlight Stock Market and NGM Nordic MTF. The requirements that are placed in terms of information provision may also vary depending on which securities the issuer has admitted to trading.

Other requirements the issuer must comply with

Aside from information about the regulations that we have compiled on this page, there are other regulations that issuers must comply with. For example, provisions concerning how financial reports shall be drawn up in accordance with international accounting standards, rules for the preparation of prospectus and regulations that trading venues have put in place for their issuers. There are also specific provisions concerning reporting of information to FI for various sectors of the financial market (e.g. banks).

Published decisions

All interventions that FI decides on when issuers fail to comply with the regulations in this area are available on FI's website, on the page Sanctions/Market information (in Swedish).

Last reviewed: 2022-01-21