Acquisition and disposal of own shares

An issuer whose shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market and that acquires or disposes its own shares is obliged to disclose information about this to the public under certain circumstances.

Under Chapter 4, Section 18 of the Financial Instruments Trading Act, a limited company that acquires or disposes of its own shares shall disclose information about this if the acquisition or disposal results in the proportion of shares in the company that are held by the company itself or the proportion of the total number of votes in the company that the own shares represent reaches, exceeds or falls below any of the thresholds in Chapter 4, Section 5, first paragraph 1 of the Financial Instruments Trading Act (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 66 2/3 or 90 percent).

This information shall be disclosed in such a way that it becomes available to the public in the EEA in a quick and non-discriminatory manner. The information shall be disclosed as quickly as possible, but no later than noon on the third trading day after the acquisition or disposal. At the same time as it is disclosed, it shall also be reported to FI's stock exchange information database. Information about how to report to FI's stock exchange information database can be found on the page Reporting/Stock exchange information.

Please note that the obligation to disclose the information to the public does not mean that the information is sent to FI in the form of a major shareholding notification.

Last reviewed: 2022-01-21