Reporting to FI

Firms must report information annually in FI's system for periodic reporting.

About the reporting

All undertakings subject to the Swedish Anti-Money Laundering Act Chapter 1, section 2, paragraphs 1-13, must report information annually to Finansinspektionen. The questions in the report are presented in a zip-file. Read more on Reporting to FI/FIDAC.

A new reporting system

Reports are exclusively to be made in the new FIDAC reporting system either manually or by submitting a JSON-file. Report here on Reporting to FI.

Important dates

  • Reports can be filed on 1 January 2024 at the earliest.
  • The last day to file the first report is 31 March 2024.
  • Reports refer to the balance sheet date of 31 December 2023.

News in reporting 2024

Some questions have been removed, amended or moved around from last year. The amendments are presented here in a pdf Periodisk rapportering AML uppdatering 2024 (in Swedish). The questions in the reporting system are only provided in Swedish. For guidance there is an English translation of the questions in the FAQ below.

Frequently asked questions


For technical guidance and information on how to report, please visit Reporting to FI/FIDAC.

For questions about reporting obligations or interpretation of the questions in the form, please contact us at
Please note, this is not a mailbox for technical support.

Last reviewed: 2020-12-21