Information about FI’s reports and analyses can be found here.

Stability Report

The report assesses financial stability and describes the status of the financial markets. It also provides an account of lending and lending terms and conditions to corporates and households. Published twice a year.

Consumer Protection on the Financial Market

The Consumer Protection report describes FI's view on consumer protection and how the authority is working to mitigate risks and problems for consumers. Published once a year.

The Swedish Mortgage Market

This report is based on FI's annual review of the mortgage market. It describes the loan-to-value ratios, indebtedness, loan terms and conditions and repayment capacity of Swedish households. Published once a year.

Supervision Reports

An annual report from each of the three sections at FI: Banking, Insurance and Markets. The reports discuss both risk- and supervision-related issues within each section. Three reports a year.

FI Analysis

FI's assignment is to promote financial stability and strong consumer protection. The stability assignment has been expanded to include the prevention of financial imbalances with the aim of stabilising the credit market. It requires a more extensive analysis and FI becomes clearer about the positions that authority takes. FI therefore issues a series of reports entitled FI Analysis. This series presents investigations and analyses of key issues for FI's area of responsibility. FI Analysis reports are issued several times a year.

Other reports

In addition to the reports that FI produces on a regular basis, we also publish a number of other reports on topics such as, for example, money laundering, sustainability and the environment and the economy.

Reports that are no longer published regularly

Credit Market Barometer (2006–2014)

A statistical report describing the operating profit, lending and deposits of Swedish banks, credit market companies and securities companies. The Barometer was published on a quarterly basis.

Insurance Barometer (2009–2014)

A statistical report describing changes in the financial strength of insurance firms based on solvency and traffic-light reporting. The Barometer was published on a bi-annual basis.

Risk Report (2009–2013)

Risks in the Financial System highlighted the risks that FI considered to be the most serious in the financial sector during the coming year. This included risks that could affect financial stability and consumer protection as well as risks that in the long run could affect confidence in the financial market. The report has been replaced by the two Stability Reports.

Supervision Report (2010–2013)

The Supervision Report compiled the lessons FI learned from its supervision of the financial sector over the past year. It has been replaced by the two Stability Reports.

Banks' interest rates and lending (2011–2013)

FI monitored the banks' and the mortgage firms' adaptations to higher capital adequacy requirements. This included reviewing the effects of the credit companies' adaptations on lending to corporates and households, including mortgage margins and following up on the firms' interest rates and setting them into relation to borrowing costs.

Evaluation of the government stabilisation measures (2008–2011)

FI has previously been assigned the task of regularly analysing the effects of the government stabilisation measures for Swedish banks. The support measures were supposed to benefit households and corporates.

Capital Barometer (2006–2010)

A statistical report about the market's capital needs. The report presented the capital raised based on the prospectuses and public take over documents that FI approved.

Savings Barometer (1995–2007)

FI presented in the quarterly Savings Barometer developments in the saving behaviour of Swedish households.


Last reviewed: 2017-01-24