Legal positions

Here you will find all legal positions published by FI.

To provide guidance in a legal issue, Finansinspektionen (FI) can decide to take a legal position. A legal position specifies FI's stance on how a particular legal rule should be applied. Such positions serve to govern FI's operations. Because a legal position states how FI will interpret and apply a particular legal rule, the position will also provide guidance to undertakings under FI's supervision.

A list of legal positions and the legal positions themselves are published on FI's website. Legal positions apply until repealed by FI. A repealed position will be removed from the website.

List of all legal positions (valid and repealed)
Number Title Date of decision Date of repeal
2021:1 Bond-financed lending 2021-02-18
2022:1 Asylum seekers' access to financial services  2022-12-21
2023:1 Insurance against fines and administrative sanction fees 2023-06-28
2024:1 Loan-to-value ratio for loans granted against collateral in residential property and included in the cover pool for covered bonds 2024-03-11

Last reviewed: 2024-03-11