FI intends to extend banks’ risk weights floors for mortgages and commercial real estate lending

Finansinpektionen currently assesses that risks to Swedish mortgages and commercial properties remain and these will not be fully addressed when the EU’s second banking package enters into force on 1 January 2025. Therefore, FI intends to start the process during next year to extend the risk weight floors for mortgages and commercial real estate lending to at least 2027.


Banking package close to completion

On 6 December, the EU Member States approved a banking package that implements the last parts of the Basel III agreement in the EU. The European Parliament is also expected to approve the agreed rules in the near future.


FI wants the EU to comply with Basel III

During the autumn, the European Commission will publish a proposal for updated capital adequacy rules for banks within the EU. Finansinspektionen (FI) now urges the EU Commission to stick to the Basel III agreement.


FI proposes amended rules and a change in the application of banks’ capital requirements

FI is proposing regulatory amendments and a change in the application of capital requirements for Swedish banks in order to adapt to the EU’s so-called banking package.


Clarification on the impact for Swedish banks from revised Basel standards

2019-12-23 | EBA News Stability

In relation to the report published by the European Banking Authority (EBA) in August Finansinspektionen would like to make the following clarification on the impact for Swedish banks of the revised Basel standards. According to Finansinspektionen’s calculation, the increase in tier 1 minimum required capital would be about 30 per cent instead of 53 per cent as shown in the report from the EBA (keeping the assumptions and methodology set by EBA, but taking into account the current Swedish mortgage floor for the current risk-weighted assets).


Martin Noréus: Current challenges facing the banking sector

“The Swedish banking sector is profitable and has satisfactory resilience, but it is clearly undergoing a major transformation,” said Martin Noréus in a speech at SvD Bank Summit in Stockholm.


FI’s view on financial stability and the risks for financial imbalances

Erik Thedéen visited the Committee on Finance today for a Q&A session. He discussed the unprecedented economic conditions that Sweden is currently experiencing.