FI’s assignment includes a responsibility to ensure that the financial system contributes to sustainable development. We base this sustainability work on FI’s mandate, the regulations governing sustainable finance, and the tools at our disposal as a supervisory authority.

FI identifies transition risks in banks’ lending portfolios

Publicerad 2024-06-04

There are climate-related transition risks in Swedish banks’ lending portfolios. This is the conclusion of an analysis Finansinspektionen (FI)…

Now in English: FI's sustainability report 2024

Publicerad 2024-05-20

There is a lot of work left to do before the financial market fully contributes to a sustainable economy. For example, firms need to be better at…

Foto: händer på en kund och enrådgivare

Advisors are not taking customers’ sustainability preferences into account

Publicerad 2024-03-28

Six out of ten say that sustainability is important when saving money. Advisors at banks, investment firms and insurance intermediaries have an…

Our supervision priorities for 2024

Publicerad 2024-02-08

Are consumers being offered the right services on the financial market? How is the sector delivering crucial services in an uncertain global…