Proposed capital requirement regulation for undertakings for occupational retirement provision

Finansinspektionen (FI) received a mandate from the Government to propose a capital requirement regulation for undertakings providing occupational retirement. The objective is to provide comprehensive protection for consumers (beneficiaries) while at the same time enabling effective management of occupational pensions.

The capital requirement consists of two components: a standardised minimum requirement and a risk-based requirement. A central issue is the level of the protection chosen for the risk-based capital requirement.

This decision is so fundamentally important that it should be decided at a political level. However, FI makes the assessment that a capital requirement in line with FI's supervisory tool, the traffic-light model, is a reasonable starting point.

A level of protection that is lower than in this model could have a negative impact on the protection for beneficiaries. A higher level could improve FI's possibilities for identifying undertakings that could be susceptible to problems. Too high of a level of protection could result in lower pensions in the long run.

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