Supervisory disclosure

2022-06-30 | Markets

The purpose of the supervisory disclosure framework is to enhance the transparency of supervisory practices and to provide a comprehensive overview of regulatory rules adopted.

Rules and guidance

2022-06-30 | Markets

This section contains information concerning national laws, regulations and administrative rules adopted in Sweden in the field of prudential supervision.

Options and national discretions

2022-06-30 | Markets

This section contains information concerning how options and national discretions embedded in Directive (EU) 2019/2034 and Regulation (EU) 2019/2033 are exercised in the Swedish legislation.

Supervisory review

2022-06-30 | Markets

This section contains information concerning the general criteria and methodologies used in the supervisory review and evaluation process by the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority.

Statistical data

2022-06-30 | Markets

This section contains statistical data on key aspects of the implementation of the prudential framework in Sweden. For an overview regarding statistical data of each EU Member State see the corresponding section on the EBA's website.

Start of regular publication of aggregate short positions

2022-06-09 | News Markets

Starting today, Finansinspektionen will regularly publish the total of all short positions that must be reported to FI.

It is now possible to update the installed application for periodic reporting

2022-06-07 | News Reporting Markets

Rapporteurs need to update the application for periodic reporting that they have installed locally. The new version is now available to download and install.

Rising interest rates put pressure on indebted households and firms

Interest rates are rising rapidly in the wake of high inflation. High interest rates and lower risk appetite are placing downward pressure on risk-taking and asset prices. In the long term, this can slow the growth of debt and benefit financial stability. However, the large debts that built up over the extended period of low interest rates are putting pressure on highly indebted households and firms.

Stability in the Financial System (2022:1)

Interest rates and interest rate expectations have increased in 2022 due to high and rising inflation. One sector that is vulnerable to rising interest rates is the commercial real estate sector. FI has also noted that liquidity on the bond markets has decreased, and the functionality of the corporate bond market is once again impaired.

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