FI Analysis No. 41: Commercial real estate firms may need to reduce their debt

In this analysis, we estimate how much Swedish listed and larger privately owned commercial real estate firms need to reduce their debt in a climate of rising financing costs and falling property values. We calculate the firms need to reduce their debt to maintain certain levels of interest coverage ratio and loan-to-value.

Stability in the Financial System (2023:2): Adjustments to higher interest rates remain to be made

The higher interest rate means that households and companies need to make adjustments to their finances. Finansinspektionen (FI) is now seeing a decline in risk-taking. However, the change in the state of the economy and uncertainty regarding how long the higher interest rates will remain pose a risk to financial stability. Commercial real estate undertakings with high debt are particularly at risk should the interest rates remain high. These are the conclusions of the second Stability Report of the year.

Monitor what your funds are costing you

2023-11-15 | Funds News Consumer

Today, almost all households invest in funds, either directly through private savings or indirectly through our pensions. However, close to one third of fund savers are unaware of how high the fund fee is and many risk paying too much for their savings. We are, therefore, now publishing the most common fees for some popular fund categories to help consumers monitor what certain funds cost.

License to be registered as manager of units or shares

2023-09-15 | Funds Markets

If a fund company’s register of shareholders is kept by an organisation which is not a Swedish central securities depository, an authorisation from the Financial Supervisory Authority is required for registration as a manager of units or shares (nominee licence).

TRS 2 system closed on 27 September

2023-09-14 | News Reporting Markets

TRS 2 system closed on Wednesday, 27 September.

Planned maintenance of the TRS 2-systems test environment

2023-08-29 | News Reporting Markets

The TRS 2 system's test environment will be closed for maintenance on Wednesday, 6 September.

Consumer Protection Report 2023

The risks given the highest priority in FI’s consumer protection work for 2023 are unaffordable lending, unsuitable investment products and investment fraud.