The TRS2 test environment closed 28 May for maintenance

2024-05-27 | News Reporting Markets

On Tuesday, 28 May, the TRS2 test environment will be closed for maintenance. It will still be possible to submit TR files, but feedback will not be sent until the maintenance has been completed.

Stability in the Financial System (2024:1): A slightly better outlook in an uncertain environment

2024-05-27 | Payments Reports News

The outlook for financial stability has improved somewhat, and uncertainty has decreased, but we are still in the middle of a recession. Higher costs for both interest payments and other goods and services are putting pressure on households and firms. The worsened global security situation is also imposing increased demands on the operational resilience in the financial sectorn. These are the conclusions of this year's first stability report.

FI notifies foreign supervisory authorities after complaints about misleading advice

2024-05-13 | News Consumer Markets

FI has been receiving complaints from consumers in Sweden about four foreign investment firms. The foreign supervisory authorities who are responsible for the supervision of these companies have been notified about the complaints.

The TRS2 test environment closed May 16 for maintenance

2024-05-08 | Reporting Markets

On Thursday, 16 May, the TRS2 test environment will be closed for maintenance.

Operational disruptions in TRS 2 18–19 May

2024-05-06 | Reporting Markets

There may be minor disruptions to both the production environment and the test environment of the TRS 2 system on 18–19 May due to planned maintenance.

FI Supervision 29: Advisors are not taking customers’ sustainability preferences into account

Six out of ten say that sustainability is important when saving money. Advisors at banks, investment firms and insurance intermediaries have an obligation to take into account consumers’ sustainability preferences. This does not always happen. Instead, many consumers currently face a risk of investing in products that do not correspond to their expectations when it comes to sustainability. This is the conclusion FI draws from its analysis, and we are now encouraging firms to devote a special focus to this topic.

FI Analysis No. 42: Gender differences in investment behaviour

2024-03-18 | Reports News Consumer

The study confirms previous results showing that women are underrepresented in the stock market. The differences arise as early as three years of age, which shows that adults more often buy stocks for boys than for girls. We also see that men generally have larger stock portfolios than women throughout life, although women increase their stock wealth later in life.

TRS 2 system closed 10 January

2024-01-03 | News Reporting Markets

The TRS 2 system will be closed for maintenance on 10 January 2024.