Our supervision priorities for 2024

Are consumers being offered the right services on the financial market? How is the sector delivering crucial services in an uncertain global environment? How are financial corporations protecting themselves from being used for criminal purposes? These are some of the questions we will focus on in our supervision this year.

FI's supervision should be as efficient as possible. Therefore, we analyse every year where the largest risks are in the financial market, and we highlight a number of areas that will be given extra prioritisation in our supervision during the coming year.

"Our mandate is to promote a financial market that is stable, is characterised by a high degree of confidence, and provides comprehensive protection for consumers. We therefore place high demands on firms, banks and households so the Swedish economy is able to meet future challenges. This builds resilience," says Director General Daniel Barr.

Our prioritised supervision areas in 2024:

  • We will monitor how the financial sector handles a changed economic environment with higher interest rates and lower growth.
  • We will review that the financial sector can deliver crucial services in an uncertain environment.
  • We will review that financial corporations are doing what they should to protect themselves from being used for criminal purposes.
  • We will review that consumers are being offered correct and good services on the financial market.