Stock exchange information

Companies listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm and the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) are required to file financial reports and other price-sensitive information with Finansinspektionen.

The financial information shall be filed electronically here on FI's website in conjunction with its disclosure. FI stores the information for at least five years.

Application for authorisation

Companies that submit financial reports and other stock exchange information do so either on their own or through a news distributor. 

You now need to apply for authorisation. There are three alternatives:

  • Companies that utilise one of the market's news distributors (press release and information suppliers) can give this supplier power of attorney to also file with FI. The power of attorney is assigned by company signatories in the Reporting Portal.
  • All other companies may use e-identification (Swedish residents only) or SMS verification to create a profile in the Reporting Portal. Company signatories delegate reporting permission to the person who will file on behalf of the company.

In both cases, please refer to the instructions guides for the Reporting Portal and Stock Exchange Information, which can be found on the page  Reporting to FI.

Last reviewed: 2023-01-23