Stock exchange information

Major shareholding notifications and other information disclosed by listed companies.

FI's stock exchange information database contains information about companies with securities admitted to trading on a regulated market (stock exchange) in the EEA and that have Sweden as their home member state.

Both companies and their major shareholders report information to Stock Exchange Information. The reporting requirement applies to the following information:

  • listed companies' financial reports
  • listed companies' disclosure of
    • inside information
    • notifications concerning changes in the number of shares or votes
    • notifications concerning certain acquisitions or disposals of own shares
    • notifications concerning choice of home member state
  • changes in the holdings of major shareholders, known as major shareholding notifications.

You can search for information in the stock exchange information database and subscribe to major shareholding notifications.

Search for information – including major shareholding notifications

Subscribe to press releases and major shareholding notifications

Those who have to report information to the stock exchange information database can find more information on the page Reporting/Stock Exchange Information.

Storage of information in FI's database began on 1 July 2007 when the rules on information requirements in listed companies entered into force. It is the listed company and the person subject to the reporting obligation who are responsible for the content of that which is reported.


FI can intervene in various ways if a listed company fails to disclose mandatory information or does not submit this information to FI. This can also happen if the listed company has engaged a news distribution agency in order to comply with its obligations. Please refer to the following pages for more information about potential sanctions for infringements:




Please note that the obligation to disclose and report mandatory information to the stock exchange information database falls to the person subject to the reporting obligation and that they must therefore be well aware of their obligations.

Questions concerning reporting of information to the stock exchange information database can be sent to our Reporting department at or +46 8-408 980 37 (weekdays 9–11).

FI is able to answer question, provide information about applicable provisions and give guidance. As a supervisory authority, however, FI is unable to provide advance decisions in individual cases. Consequently, if representatives of an issuer or another person subject to the reporting obligation are uncertain about how a disclosure of mandatory information is to be handled, they are recommended to contact a legal adviser who is able to help them make an assessment on the basis of the circumstances that are specific to the issuer in question.

We have also compiled frequently asked question concerning the respective disclosure obligation. Further information can be found on the following pages:



Last reviewed: 2020-01-02